What is it?

Every[One] is now a concrete project which originates from the ambitious goal of Massimo Masini who wants to photograph ALL without distinction or selection of any kind, to "tell" how much there is in each person through one single and simple snap, transforming utopia in reality. A headshot* is an unmistakable, stylistic impression and unique for everyone. Because the photographic art is and should be universal. To collect and archive the identity of all of you in one project, one of a kind, which hopes to become a new "most" in the world of photography and social networking, aligning itself but also contradicted and even subverting a number of fundamental principles. Taking part in Every[One] does not mean only "put one’s face" but also signifies approaching a new philosophy of beingness and appearance.
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The answers to frequently asked questions:

Who can participate?

Anyone. Simply send your agreement at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating name, surname, age, photo (passport photo, JPEG format). You will be contacted to arrange a photo session. Minors must be, of course, always authorized and accompanied by a parent providing a [release form?]

Is there a fee?

To participate in the project you will have to pay only a symbolic fee of € 15,00.

How can i pay?

Or place the shooting day or so comfortable and safe with Paypal.

Do I need experience to pose?

No, the project is open to all. It is not, therefore, absolutely necessary to have previous experience posing for photographers.

* What is a headshot?

The headshot (literally "head shot") is the most classic and linear cut of the portrait photography confined to the face and part of the shoulders.

What does it consist of? What will I do?

Everything will be very easy and fast. The photo session will consist of approximately five shots - frontal position, half-length - of which only one will be selected.

Can the photo session be done in pairs or in groups?

No, the project provides only for individual shots.

Where will my photograph end up?

Your photo will be used and published exclusively by Massimo Masini in the context of Every[One] project. And on the official site, www.everyoneproject.com, will be posted images and project-related news. Immediately after the shots you'll need to sign a simple release for me to use your image.

Will I have to sign something?

After shooting you will need to sign a simple release for use of the image.

Will I have a copy of my photos?

Yes, within ten (10) days from the date of recording, you'll be sent a copy of your photo along with a certificate of participation by e-mail.

Do I need to arrive photo ready or apply makeup myself at photo session?

The concept is to portray the subjects in their usual appearance. It is therefore not expected on our part to have your make-up and hairstyle grooming done unless that is your normal appearance. You can present yourself as you desire. What we ask is for you to not dramatically change your regular appearance – that you maintain your natural self - to reflect your characteristics and personality without the concern to "be beautiful” for the photo.

Do I need to arrive dressed in a particular way?

You are absolutely free dress and pose with the look you prefer.

Is this a competition? Will there be a winner?

No. This project is not a competition; there will be no winner.

Will the photos be edited with post-production tools?

The photos will not be edited in any way.